3 Quick Fixes for a Slow-Draining Tub

More often than not, the calls we get for clogged drains don't warrant a service call. If you're willing to get your hands a little dirty (or at least put on some rubber gloves), there are some cost-effective ways of unclogging a fussy drain or slow-draining tub.

Fix #1: Baking Soda, Salt, and Vinegar

Not for the chemically conscious or those with older, possibly corroded pipes, this solution should break down whatever's holding back water in your drain. One cup of baking soda combined with a cup of vinegar (and an optional cup of salt for scraping capability) should do the trick. The key here is to combine it all in the drain itself rather than beforehand or else you'll get a nice mess to clean up. Give the solution about 10 minutes to clear out then flush the solution with boiling water.

Fix #2: The Manual Unclogging

Certainly the most unpleasant method, this involves disassembling the drain and pulling out whatever gunk is caught in the drain itself. You'll want a screwdriver to disassemble the drain mechanism and a small hook or disassembled clothes hanger to pull out clogged hair from deeper within the drain. The process differs depending on what drain type you have, so do some research to determine which is which.

Fix #3: Use a Plumbing Snake

This is a heavy-duty solution to a serious clog. A plumbing snake is a pretty inexpensive tool, but is critical to home plumbing remedies. Using a crank, the snake bores through tough clogs around the inside of a pipe and clears out junk through even the toughest blockage. For extra power, you can use an electrical crank to really dig through the gunk.

If you find your clog is too tough to handle on your own, contact the pros at Pioneer Plumbing and Heating. We have the tools to cut through the toughest drains and assess your plumbing situation in the event the problem isn't just a bad clog.

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