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Seattle Sewer Repair with Expertise and Expediency

Unfortunately, everyone has their nightmare stories with the plumbing company. While the job may have been done correctly, there’s a good chance they either charged way more than they quoted, misled you on the service fees, or were unwilling to accept responsibility if an issue came back or they screwed up the job! At Pioneer…
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Know these Steps before Calling a 24 Hour Plumber

A plumbing emergency never strikes at a convenient time. But does your particular plumbing issue warrant calling an overpriced, possibly under qualified 24-hour plumber? No matter what, your first step is to turn off your water to prevent further damage. If it’s coming out of a fixture, like your toilet or the faucet, you should…
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First Steps to Take When you have a Water Leak

Water damage is a serious issue, and can cause extensive costs and hassle to repair. A water leak will usually either occur in your roofing, plumbing, or from water in the ground. Nearly all water leak issues can be contained until a professional can deal with it. When you first notice a water leak, you…
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