Repiping is the process of replacing the pipes that bring water into a house or building. Plumbers facilitate this process when a space needs a large scale overhaul and replacement of the pipes, not just a quick fix. This service may be necessary for a number of reasons including rusty pipes, low water pressure as a result of corroded pipes, leaks, and more.

To facilitate this process, our Seattle repiping experts will evaluate your current piping and determine if a complete repiping is necessary. Then, they will remove old pipes and install new ones. Finally, we’ll run a few tests to ensure the updated system is running smoothly including checking water pressure, quality of water, and more.

Our team facilitates repiping with a few different materials. If you are not sure which material will be best for your repiping needs, give us a call and our we’ll help you understand your options and implement the best solution for your home. We offer the following repiping services for homes and businesses:

Copper Repiping

If you live in an older building with aging pipes, copper repiping may be the best solution for you. Copper is a durable material that can withstand weather, fire, and other external factors that may take a toll on your plumbing. This material is also environmentally friendly which can help reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Drain Repiping 

Drain pipes are responsible for carrying water and waste from your home to the sewer. If these pipes are broken or leaking, they can cause a wide variety of hazards and health problems including mold growth, clogs, contaminated water and more. Signs your drain pipes need to be replaced include slow drains, clogged toilets, and bad smells in your home. If your home presents any of those signs, be sure to call your plumber right away. Pioneer Plumbing can get to the root of your problem, and see if your clogs are caused by service issues or if your drain pipes need to be replaced.

PEX Repiping 

PEX is a piping material often used as an alternative to PVC, CPVP, or copper. This material is commonly used for residential plumbing. It is a colorful, flexible, and durable material that is resistant to high and low temperatures and can help prevent future leaks. It is also an environmentally friendly material. PEX is also a durable piping solution that can often be cheaper to implement than copper.

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