What Not to Flush Down Your Toilet

To help you save embarrassment, thousands of dollars in expensive plumbing repairs, and avoid polluting the environment, pay attention to this list of things that you must never, EVER, flush down the toilet.
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5 Plumbing Red Flags in Your Kitchen

Kitchen leaks and drips can become common place. Many people start to ignore these problems, or see them as simple wear and tear around the house. These issues, however, can be indicators of plumbing nightmares brewing. Here are a few plumbing red flags to note, and when you should call your plumber.
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Got Clogs? Here’s What To Do

Clogs happen. From items going down the sink to long hair getting stuck in drains, some clogs are hard to avoid. However, there are many best practices you can implement to avoid them down the road. Here's your guide to dealing with clogs and preventing them from becoming large problems.
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