New Construction Plumbing

Plumbing is an integral part of any new construction, but never more so than in the 21st century. Low-flow, water-efficient fixtures and water-saving solutions are in high demand, it's important to consider implementing these modern plumbing solutions (including highly-durable PEX pipes) in order to ensure your home's value is preserved throughout the decades to come.

The Impact of Excavation

Depending on the existing infrastructure on your lot, your new construction may require some excavation to connect your home's system with the city water supply, sewer lines, and/or a septic tank. When building on a subdivision, there's likely to be connections to city or local plumbing systems ready to go.

However, the further your property is from primary plumbing connections, the more expensive it will be to run the pipes to the site of your new construction. Additionally, the type of land on your property will have an impact on the cost of excavation. Wooded or rocky areas will cost more due to the difficulty associated with clearing the land before excavation can begin.

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