Stay Warm This Winter: 7 Ways To Keep the Heat In and the Cold Out

The holidays are over, but it's still cold outside. While temperatures continue to drop, staying warm inside will keep your family from getting sick and to stop your pipes from freezing. Don’t waste money paying for heat that seeps out your windows. Instead, consider these seven easy tips to keep heat in and cold out this winter.

1. Pay attention to your windows

Windows are a key area where heat can come in and out. While you probably keep your windows closed throughout the winter, adjusting your curtains depending on the time of day can impact your room's temperature. Leaving window shades up during the day will let sunlight in and warm your interior up a few degrees without letting the cold in. When the sun sets, be sure to close your window shades. Buying a set of thick curtains or lining your curtains with an extra layer will also help to keep your home warm.

2. Seal the cracks

Windows and doors are obvious places where heat can come in and out. However, sealing up smaller cracks where heat might escape can also contribute to your home’s overall warmth. Putting a draft guard at the base of your door and sealing any weaknesses in windows are additional quick fixes that can have a big impact on your home’s temperature.

3. Close unused bedroom and bathroom doors

Closing unused doors in your home will help to keep the main areas throughout your home warm. If roommates aren’t home, kids are away, or the bathroom is not in use, closing these doors will keep the heat circulating in the areas of your home which you are using.

4. Automate your thermostat

There’s no reason to waste money paying to keep your house toasty warm when no one is home. Setting automatic timers on thermostats is an easy way to maintain heat but not break the bank. For example, a heating system that warms up in the morning, goes down to about 60 degrees during the day, heats up again when you return home is an easy way to maintain heat while saving money and energy.

5. Warm up your floors

Most people don’t think about losing heat because it's slipping through their floorboards, but this is another common problem. Adding an extra layer of insulation on your floors, such as rugs or carpets will also maintain your home’s warmth. These measures will help insulate your home and prevent heat from escaping through tiles and floorboards.

6. Feng Shui your furniture

While you might enjoy sitting near the windows and getting some outdoor air during the summer, positioning furniture near the exterior can contribute to winter cold. Consider reevaluating your furniture position within your home, to see if a better placement would lead to a warmer space.

7. Invest in a high quality, reliable heating service

Not all thermostats are made equal. If you home is not warm despite having the heat on full blast, it may be time to consider a new heating service. At Pioneer Plumbing, we offer state of the art heating services meant to keep you and your family warm without wasting energy or harming the environment. To find out more about our heating services, contact us today!


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