3 Great Last Minute Plumbing Gifts to Save You Money

It seems like very little thought or meaning is placed on holiday gifts these days and the crazed sales of Black Friday hardly reach beyond the appeal of flat screens and video games, but gift-givers who're stumped as to what to get the eco-conscious person on their list have several great options. These products won't just save water in the recipient's home, they'll improve the environment for the better.

Home Water Filter

There are dozens of different types of water filters on the market today and each perform just about identically to one another, so whichever one you choose, you can rest assured that large particles will be cleaned out of their drinking water. The secondary benefits of attached or on-faucet filters means any incoming particles will be filtered out from both consumption and recirculation into groundwater. A minor bonus, but a bonus nonetheless.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Touchless sink faucets are nothing new, but home use has yet to catch on in a noticeable way. Thankfully, home versions tend to be much more accurate than those cheap industrial styles, avoiding accidental activation while working around the sink and preserving water usage at the same time.

WaterSense Showerheads

WaterSense-labelled showerheads are one of the very best ways to dramatically reduce your home's water usage. The EPA estimates that replacing an inefficient showerhead with a new WaterSense model can save you 2,900 gallons of water per year - that's compared to 550 gallons saved by shortening your shower by 1 minute. Plus, there's no compromise on water pressure with these showerheads, so that comfortable feeling of a hot shower won't go away anytime soon.

From everyone at Pioneer Plumbing and Heating, we wish you a safe, warm, and dry holiday season and look forward to serving you in 2016 and beyond!

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