5 Water Saving Products for Your Home

Lowering the water bill always sounds good to a homeowner, but what if a water-saving device actually improved the quality of your home and your health? We've rounded up a few products that aim to both save you money and improve the performance of your plumbing:

1. WaterSense Faucets

Adding a WaterSense-labeled sink faucet with aerators can reduce the water usage in your home without sacrificing performance. Replacing old faucets with these improved, high-tech fixtures can save the average family over 700 gallons of water per year. Do the math.

2. Replace Your Toilet Flapper

Even if you're using a high-efficiency toilet, the "flapper" is the primary cause for concern when it comes to toilets running more than they should be. Replacing it or having it refitted is a great way to ensure it's not taking up more than its fair share of water. Owners of older toilets should take special care.

3. Rain Barrels

The city of Seattle gets a lot of rain during the winter months - why not reuse what's already in abundance? Depending on the size of your roof, you could be collecting plenty of extra water to use for gardening and irrigation (or bathing the dog) during the dry summer months. Sure, you'll have to store it, but the extra investment can pay off.

4. Replace Your Showerheads

There's nothing better than a new, high-performance showerhead. Well, nothing except one that also saves you money. Water-saving, high-pressure showerheads are designed to save you money and improve your shower experience at the same time, so if you've been on the fence now may be the perfect time to upgrade.

5. Replace Your Plumbing

Especially important if you have an older home or simply aging, creaky pipes, having your plumbing replaced could be the key difference between a high-efficiency home and a wet, sloppy mess. Newer pipe materials such as PEX allow for high-quality performance, durability, and reliability. They also cut easily, which may reduce the time it takes it install.

Contact Pioneer Plumbing and Heating to discuss how our services can help improve your home's plumbing and save you money on your water bill.

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