5 Ways to Keep your Plumbing Safe This Winter

Fall is knocking on the door here in the Pacific Northwest, and that only means one thing for us, Winter is coming. As we see the leaves turn from a bright shade of green to a deep red, it’s time to turn in and prepare for the change in weather. For homeowners, that means a few things. Getting a head start on most maintenance tips before the weather turns can save a homeowner cash upfront in the event of a disaster. Here is a list of 5 winter maintenance tips to help safeguard your home plumbing from the cold and wet of the Pacific Northwest winter.

Run Your Pipes

Flushing the pipes around your home is the first thing to get ready for the coming winter. Not only is this a great way to get backed up sediment flowing, but a chance to be able to find leaks or fixes earlier rather than later. A leaky pipe found and fixed before it’s a problem can save your pocket several hundred dollars. This also gives you a chance to notice house flows and make sure you're not losing any efficiency along the way.

Insulate Your Pipes

Running out of the door during the winter months, we make sure to grab a coat and scarf to keep our bodies warm. A great way to maintain efficiency and keep costs low during the wintertime is to do the same for your pipes. Keeping pipes insulated during the winter is a great way to lower costs generated by your water heater, and also ensure consistent warm flow resulting in less water run off. While it won’t save thousands for you each winter, the few hundred will keep you occupied planning your next summer get away.

Flush Out Your Water Heater

If you haven’t flushed your water heater, it’s getting to be the time to do that. Flushing your water heater at least once per year will help remove sediment from the pipes and maintain a more efficiently running water heater. There is nothing worse than climbing into a cold shower in the morning and being poured with sediment from a long lasting buildup. A simple flush can ensure a warm shower for a groggy Monday morning.

Clanging Pipes

Growing up and having problems trying to sleep around induction heating and loud pipes can steal a warm night of sleep away from you. Most older homes have a heating system that run radiant heating from warmed up water flowing through your pipes and escaping heat from a heater. A simple drain of your water system can help move air bubbles away from creating a backup, or simple foam wrappings keeping the pipe vibrations safe from wood. It’s a simple fix for a better night of sleep!

Disconnect Garden Hoses

It seems like an obvious thing to be mindful of in the heart of the winter, but the reminder is always nice. Forgetting to disconnect garden hoses can lead to frozen attachments that are subject to breaking, or failing throughout times of use. Remember to unhook both ends of any garden hose and store them for the winter months.

Now that you have a few tricks and tips for this coming season, make sure to keep up on maintenance around insulation and wrappings. While most of these should be repeated every year, this should get you and your home kept nice and warm during the cold season. The pumpkin chai lattes and fireplaces are just a nice addition! Good luck.

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