Do Feminine Hygiene Products Really Clog Your Drain?

Almost every public women's restroom has a variation of the same sign: "Do not flush tampons or pads down the toilet!" There's a good reason why these warnings are so prevalent. According to a 2010 report on water services and infrastructure, municipal governments in the United States spent over $350 billion between 2000-2008 on the removal of non-degradable items from wastewater treatment facilities.

The costs to homeowners and businesses is likely to be even higher, as clogs often occur within the pipes and drains of buildings before they make it to the public sewage system. Non-degradable items such as the aforementioned feminine hygiene products can cause major headaches for you, your employees, your family, and especially your plumber. Solid waste such as hair, coffee grounds, birth control products, paper towels, etc. shouldn't be flushed for any reason.

While feminine hygiene products don't make up all of the problems facing building owners and plumbers, clogs and sewer backups are a very common concern. The national average cost of repairing a clogged drain is about $185 and every non-degradable element that's flushed increases the chance you'll experience a costly clog. Plungers and wishful thinking only get you so far, but when it comes to high-traffic public restrooms, chances are you'll need eventually need a plumber's help.

Any experienced plumber can sort out a simple clog, but a true professional can expertly diagnose your plumbing issues and help upgrade your system so that you can avoid major clogs and backup issues - even if you can't stop your guests from flushing the wrong stuff down the toilet.

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