Do Water Filters Really Work?

Everyone wants to make sure their drinking water is pure, clean, and safe to drink - that's a given. Many companies will lead you to believe that their products will deliver truly purified water and people are buying them in droves, but do water filters really work or is this a giant cash grab?

The United States has the best public water system in the world, which make instances of pollution, contamination, or hint of problems that much more alarming to people. Dangerous drinking water is an extremely rare occurrence, but the megaphones that come out whenever problems arise mean that people get very afraid. Instances of cholera, arsenic poisoning, toxic groundwater, typhoid, or e coli contamination are so few and far between that no average American can name anyone who's ever been sick from drinking water contamination.

That being said, the water filtration systems you get at the supermarket don't filter out bacteria, microorganisms, or even fluoride from your drinking water. By using substances such as activated charcoal, these off-the-shelf filters have a varying degree of effectiveness in eliminating certain substances from the water itself. The major brands tend to take out mostly heavy metals, odor, and "off tastes" from drinking water, but not the stuff that could be truly harmful to your health.

What do you think? What are your experiences with water filters? Leave us a comment in the section below and get in touch if you're suspicious about the quality of water coming into your home. Your pipes may be due for an upgrade.

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