Explaining Pioneer Plumbing’s Sewer Repair Process

Clogged sewer lines are bad enough, but that's nothing compared to a break in your sewer line. Sewer repairs of old required a complete excavation of the line to find the problem before repairing it, but modern technology and new techniques have led to advancements in the repair process that minimize damage to your property.

Without having to replace the entire sewer pipe, trenchless sewer repair is the process of threading a new pipe into the old one. Since new sewer pipes are flexible and light, they can be easily pushed through the damaged or old one. The interior pipe is then expanded, breaking up the old pipe within the ground.

Trenchless sewer repair means digging only an entry and an exit point in the ground to allow access for the relining process and equipment. Homeowners can opt to simply have the existing pipe relined, though pipe bursting is also available.

The reason to choose trenchless sewer repair is clear, but the process is incredibly difficult to perform and shouldn't be done on your own. A professional plumbing service should be chosen based on experience and equipment. It takes an immense amount of power and skill to pull new pipe through the ground without causing further problems, therefore necessitating a complete and costly excavation.

Give Pioneer Plumbing and Heating a call if you suspect your sewer line is damaged or broken. We have the tools and expertise to find the broken section and minimize damage to your yard with our trenchless sewer repair process. Contact us today!

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