How Hundreds of Plumbers Helped Residents of Flint, Michigan

The Flint, Michigan water crisis has been well-documented and is still ongoing, but the response by civilian volunteers has been heartwarming and encouraging on every level.

Last week, after it was determined that the majority of homes in the area lacked plumbing fixtures adequate enough to remove dangerous levels of lead in the town's water supply, more than 300 licensed plumbers from around the state arrived to help.

The crew, with equipment donated by Plumbing Manufacturers, International, replaced faucets and fittings in over 1,100 homes over the weekend of February 2nd, 2016, almost ten months after problems began to arise in the storied Michigan town. Plumbers donated their time and expertise to explaining to Flint residents that their plumbing, while working properly, isn't equipped to adjust to new water filter systems.

While these new faucets are a welcome sight to many residents, the problem in Flint is too big for even new pipes to handle. The new faucets, for instance, can only filter out 150 parts per billion of lead and some Flint residents report levels of over 4,000 parts per billion in their water supply.

The problem is vast, complex, and ongoing. If you'd like to donate to help aid the residents of Flint, Michigan, please visit the United Way's Flint Water Fund page or donate to the Southeastern Michigan American Red Cross.

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