Low Water Pressure? Here’s How to Fix It!

Have you noticed a drop-off in the water pressure in your home? It may signify a larger problem in your plumbing, but there are a few things you can try to quickly and easily increase your water pressure without calling the plumber.

Modify Your Showerhead

Doing a quick modification of your showerhead (or buying a cheap new one) is a nice, easy way to quickly enhance the amount of water flowing through your showerhead. Taking off your showerhead and enlarging the hole in the washer with a drill will increase flow and therefore increase the water pressure. More modern showerheads come with flow regulators (and instructions on how to remove it). If you've thrown away the instructions, try searching for the model type of your showerhead and you're bound to find people who've figured it out and are willing to share.

Clean Your Water Fixtures

Sink faucets and showerheads often come with aerators that manage the flow of water. Mineral deposits build up on the aerator screens and cause water flow to be limited. Removing that and cleaning it on a regular basis by using white vinegar should be enough to clear away residue after soaking for a couple of hours.

Check the Valves

If your water has been recently turned off, there's a good chance that's the main culprit for your water pressure problems. Any maintenance work in and around your house might have caused a bumped valve, too, so be sure to check for flow issues coming from the source.

If all else fails and your water pressure woes don't go away after these steps, give Pioneer Plumbing and Heating a call. We have the tools and expertise to diagnose and repair any plumbing issues either big or small. Contact us today!

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