Options in Seattle Sewer Repair

Everyone tries to make plumbing or drain repairs on their own to save some money and that's completely understandable. Sometimes, though, a job gets bigger (and nastier) than you'd care to expose yourself to. One of the services Pioneer Plumbing and Heating provides is sewer repair service. Our specialists are highly trained, courteous, reliable, and professional.

Our sewer repair method of choice is called Trenchless Sewer Repair. It limits the damage to your yard, driveway, and parking lots. We make small access holes around the damaged pipe area and insert a new pipe inside the damaged one, bursting it into pieces and replacing it with a new, high-quality pipe. A steel head with a new, flexible pipe is pulled through the old pipe by a hydraulic ram. Because there are only two entry areas, the excavation needed to make repairs is minimal and doesn't require complete "trenched" sewer repair in most cases. It also ensures you have access to your home or business during repairs!

Traditional sewer repairs are also offered, but not preferred. In the case of a trenchless repair failure or complex and devastating sewer damage, open cut or trench method excavation is performed in order to gain access to the area around the damaged pipe. A backhoe is typically used in order to remove the earth covering the pipe and also to replace it once repairs are made.

Pipe relining is another method that's offered around Seattle. Epoxy relining materials are molded to the inside of the old pipe to create a new interior lining on the inside of the pipe. A video camera is inserted to ensure the pipe is draining properly and is free from obstructions. It means minimal property damage, doesn't damage the existing pipes, and the materials have a long life expectancy.

To get your sewer repaired or to discuss other plumbing needs in the Seattle area, contact Pioneer Plumbing and Heating today!

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