Which Pipe Material is Best for Your Home?

All cities have to deal with old pipes. Some water mains in Seattle are still made out of cedar, which can be a little disconcerting considering your drinking water is coming through pipes over 100 years old in some areas.

Though you can't do much about the pipe material that comes from the water supply, you can select a material for the pipes in and around your home. Though copper is certainly the norm, there's also another material, PEX, which is used. But which pipe material is best for your home?


Some copper pipe manufacturers will offer a 50-year warranty on new installations - there's a reason the material has been used as the industry standard for so long. Its durability makes it a front-runner for new home constructions or commercial plumbing installations. In the event of severe damage due to disaster, there's a good chance your copper piping will be unscathed in the aftermath.


A synthetic material, it's formally known as cross-linked polythene and has extremely strong cross-links. That heightens its durability and became a viable alternative (and cheaper to purchase) than its copper counterpart. It doesn't have the environmental concerns that copper brings and remains cost-effective versus the rising cost of copper materials - even recycled copper.

So which should you get? That depends on your needs, mainly. You can ask your plumber to explain the benefits of both for your specific home, but generally homeowners will opt for PEX due to the ease of installation and the reduced cost. It also has stronger water pressure than copper because it doesn't require such severe turns inside walls as copper does, meaning that water reaches your faucets much faster.

It's also less prone to freezing or cracking than copper, which makes it ideal for people in cold climates. Combined with the environmental concerns about copper supply and its related cost, PEX might be the number one pipe material in a few short years.

To discuss which pipe material is best for your new construction or pipe replacement project, contact Pioneer Plumbing and Heating today!

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