Prepare for Winter with This Plumbing Checklist

Even in our temperate Seattle climate, there's a bit of maintenance required by homeowners to ensure your pipes stay functional during the winter months. It's unlikely to freeze this year, but with extra time spent inside and extra stress on your system, a plumbing disaster may be in your future unless you do the following:

Insulate Your Pipes

Unless your pipes are old or worn, you can probably skip this step if you don't get cold temperatures in your area, but our friends to the east may need to wrap their pipes before winter sets in. Pipes are susceptible to freezing - especially if they aren't in frequent use. Any unheated area of your home should have insulation around the pipes, including those located within cabinets and in the basement.

Prepare Your Hoses

Check utility hoses for wear and tear before winter comes. Even slightly colder temperatures can exacerbate worn or broken rubber hoses, increasing the potential for a wet mess. Check the washing machine, dishwasher, utility sinks, refrigerator icemakers, and anything else hooked up to your home's water system. Moving outdoors, draining your garden hoses and insulating your spigots will help prevent unnecessary freezing. Don't forget your irrigation systems!

Fix Leaky Pipes and Faucets

If you've got a leak anywhere in your system, fall is the best time to get it fixed. There's no telling how much damage could be caused by a small leak made worse by extra stress on your system combined with colder weather, so check your pipes and faucets for leaks before matters get worse.

Clean Your Sewer and Drains

Sewers and drains like to back up when facing excess rainwater - some of which we've already experienced this year. Using a drain snake, clear out any accumulated gunk from the drain from the long summer season and give your drains a fresh take on the extra water this winter. If you're experiencing sewer problems (or suspect you have a sewer backup), a professional plumber specializing in trenchless sewer repair can help.

Of course, the best bet to preventing plumbing issues in your home or commercial building is to speak with a licensing plumber. Pioneer Plumbing and Heating can inspect your system and perform the necessary repairs to keep things running smoothly all winter long. Give us a call today or use the contact form to schedule an appointment before the cold weather sets in for the long haul.

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