Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

We’re headed towards fall weather and it’s the most important time of year to make sure your pipes are in good shape. Shifting temperatures can have adverse effects on your system and preparing them properly can save you from a potential disaster during cold weather.

Frigid temperatures aren’t common in the Pacific Northwest, but the mercury dropping below zero is certainly possible. Here are some of our tips to prepare your plumbing for winter:

Disconnect Your Garden Hoses

A no-brainer, but if there’s any water in your hose and we hit freezing temperatures, the water will expand and cause the connected pipes to break. Leaky faucets can cause a lot of water and heat waste. Even if it’s a really slow drip, they can waste a gallon or more per day.

Check Your Outside Faucets

Make sure they’re not dripping, leaking, or otherwise damaged. If they are, you should contact a professional to check out the problem before it gets too cold. If your faucets are old or brittle, you could get a faucet cover that will keep it warmer than normal.

Flush Your Water Heater

A huge contributor to energy costs is your water heater. Sediment buildup in your water heater can have a negative impact on your energy bill and the efficiency of your system. Having it flushed can potentially save you money during the winter months.

Check Traps and Drains

Replacing water in traps and drains with nontoxic antifreeze can help head off potential drainage problems if the temperature goes severely south. This can ward off any potential back up issues as well.

For more winter plumbing tips, check out the rest of our blog or contact us. Call Pioneer Plumbing & Heating to schedule a seasonal checkup to ensure your pipes are flowing smoothly and uninterrupted this winter!

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