Seattle Sewer Repair with Expertise and Expediency

Unfortunately, everyone has their nightmare stories with the plumbing company. While the job may have been done correctly, there’s a good chance they either charged way more than they quoted, misled you on the service fees, or were unwilling to accept responsibility if an issue came back or they screwed up the job!

At Pioneer Plumbing & Heating, we’ve heard those stories and want to make you feel good about hiring a plumber again. The days of knowing your plumber by their first name aren’t gone – at Pioneer, we believe in establishing a relationship with our customers and providing the peace of mind that comes with people helping other people. Because if we can get more business by good word of mouth and recommendations from our clients, why wouldn’t we be in favor of that?

We’ve gotten two “checks” from the Puget Sound Customers’ Checkbook, a nonprofit that rates Seattle area service providers and retailers based on quality and price. We’re proud of our team of experts and strive to be your first call for both residential and commercial plumbing projects. If a nighttime or weekend plumbing emergency arises, we’d rather talk you through the problem and do a service call during regular business hours than charge you more for emergency service. What kind of 24-hour plumbing service can make that claim?

We also take on new construction plumbing projects, remodels, and sewer repairs! We’re fast, reliable, and professional plumbers for the Seattle area and we won’t leave you high and dry. If you discover a problem with our job, we’ll come right back and take care of it free of charge.

Pioneer Heating & Plumbing wants to bring the honesty of our profession back to the Seattle area. Having a great working relationship with our clients is beneficial all around and supports the local economy. What’s the best part? Our rates are actually lower that those of our competitors!

When you’re looking for plumbing services for your home, office, building, remodel, or that sudden nocturnal emergency, make Pioneer Plumbing & Heating your first call. By the time the leaks are fixed, we’ll promise to be your only call.

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