A Super Bowl Flush? Toilets Brace for Heavy Halftime Use in Seattle

It's Super Bowl week in Seattle for the second year in a row! After last year's crushing win over the Denver Broncos, the Seahawks are looking at a bigger challenge this Sunday in the New England Patriots. Seattle's bracing for a big game and an even bigger celebration, but Seattle Public Utilities are likely bracing for high water usage during the game.

Though the widely acknowledged "halftime flush" reportedly didn't show up for the midway point in last year's game, historically speaking, the beginning of halftime shows a huge water usage spike in most areas of the country. Business Insider posted this chart with information about water usage in Palm Beach County, Florida during the 2011 Super Bowl, which shows the peaks and valleys of water use as it relates to the big game:

With all of Seattle glued to their TVs throughout the game itself, we may see more water usage during commercials than in other cities, which should reduce the stress and strain on plumbing around the city. However, the halftime spike has potential to severely strain water mains. Let's not forget the scene in Pioneer Square just hours before the NFC Championship, which was aided by heavy rainfall. This weekend also calls for a high-percentage chance of precipitation, so we could potentially see some issues cropping up come Sunday afternoon.

If you're afraid your plumbing isn't going to be able to handle the Super Bowl stress or just want to make sure your game day party isn't interrupted by a bathroom disaster, contact Pioneer Plumbing and Heating and get it sorted out before the big game.

Go Seahawks!

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