Three Ways to Prevent Water Pollution from Your Home

With spring coming soon, it's of the utmost importance that everyone does their part to ensure the quality of our drinking water and reduce the amount of potential hazardous pollutants leaving your home. Here are three ways to prevent water pollution coming from your home:

Properly Dispose of Medicine

Spring cleaning is a good time to take account of extra prescriptions and medications you no longer need. However, flushing them down the toilet isn't the safe way to go about it. Take them back to your pharmacy to make sure they're properly taken care of.

Protect Your Yard

Runoff from oil leaks, pesticides, or de-icing salts can seep through your yard and eventually make their way to sewers and drainage channels, meaning they enter natural bodies of water. Make sure you use safe deicers, fertilizers and pesticides, and keep your car well maintained and leak-free.

Check Your Pipes

Older homes sometimes don't have the proper drains. In fact, many older homes still drain wastewater into surface drains, meaning that the runoff goes to bodies of water rather than water treatment facilities. If your home is 90 years old or older, you may want to check with a plumber to ensure your home is draining water to the right places.

For more information on plumbing best practices or to schedule a check-up for your pipes, contact Pioneer Plumbing and Heating today!

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