3 Ways to Protect Your Home from Flooding

Heavy spring rains can cause big problems for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Flooding and mudslides are all possible in the Seattle area due to the multiple flood plains and drainage basins. There are three flooding hazards for the Seattle area:

- Coastal Flooding - high tides and wind pushing water onto coastal areas.

- River Flooding - overflowing riverbanks onto floodplains and dry land due to precipitation.

- Urban Flooding - heavy rain overpowering the city's drainage system.

The first thing you should do as a homeowner is to assess the potential areas by which water might enter your home. If your home has a basement, ensure that your drains and gutters are clear and working properly. Test your laundry room or basement floor drains with several gallons of water to ensure there aren't any clogs that could be problematic during a flood.

Another thing to consider is clogging in your gutters or downspouts. Any debris that blocks proper water drainage is going to cause problems during heavy rainfall by either weighing down your roof fascia or overflow into your foundation, causing cracks to expand in your concrete or rot away the wood.

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