7 Ways to Save Money Fixing Your Plumbing This Spring

Spring cleaning is a pain in the neck, but the feeling of a fresh start as warm weather approaches makes all the tedious chores and tasks worth it. Wouldn't it also help to have a little extra cash in your pocket for summer vacations and activities? Pioneer Plumbing and Heating has a few quick plumbing tips to help you save money this spring. Some extra elbow grease and a little bit of time can go a long way towards helping your plumbing operate more efficiently, so grab this checklist and get to work!

1. Fix Any Leaks

A no-brainer, but even if you've made a few repairs during the winter, that doesn't mean increased indoor water use and cold weather haven't dramatically changed the health of your pipes. A quick check of your plumbing around the house can save you big compared to a major plumbing catastrophe.

2. Filter the Drains

If you've got a slow moving drain and don't have a strainer or filter on it to catch hair and debris, make the investment in a $2 drain filter. These are really helpful to catch little particles that can collect deep in your drain. If too much get's caught in the filter, they are easily replaceable and inexpensive! It's much cheaper than a trip from the plumber.

3. Check for Toilet Leaks and Cracks

Drop a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and wait a half hour or so. If there's a leak in the system, color should appear in the bowl. Cracks around the tank or the toilet bowl should be addressed.

4. Buy a New Toilet Flapper

It's the cheapest way to save water. A quick replacement of the flapper or chain and your toilet tank will better seal and therefore eliminate that constant running water effect.

5. Clear Your Gutters

Winter storms bring debris to your roof and therefore junk to your gutters. Climb up that ladder and unclog your gutters, downspouts, and drains or else you could be facing a lot of wet areas in your home the next time a major storm hits.

6. Adjust the Water Heater

Keeping your water heater right around 120 degrees Fahrenheit can save you a substantial amount of money on your energy bills. Make sure the adjustment knob wasn't accidentally bumped or turned by mistake during the winter months and bring it back to a safe and economical level.

7. Upgrade Your Fixtures

Adding a high-efficiency showerhead or faucet can save you big on your water bill. Unless you have a fairly new showerhead already, you're probably unaware of the advancements in both pressure control and water efficiency made over the last few years. Do you and your family a favor by improving that morning shower experience and saving water at the same time!

For more severe plumbing issues or to schedule a plumbing checkup, contact Pioneer Plumbing and Heating today!

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