Most Common Plumbing Problems & How to Avoid Them

Leaky pipes, clogged drains, and overflowing appliances are problems that no homeowner or resident wants to deal with. However, plumbing is something we tend to take for granted until it breaks down or needs a fix.

We can prevent some of the most common plumbing problems by taking some maintenance steps to avoid them. Here are some of the usual plumbing problems you may encounter during the life of your home…

  • Leaking taps or under-sink pipes. Not as obvious as an overflowing toilet or visible water damage around the bathtub, a leaky tap and dripping pipes under the sink can lead to a lot of cost and hassle. Leaks – even slow ones – can radically affect your water bill and can eventually cause extensive damage to your plumbing system or your home. As soon as you notice leaks, you should have them fixed by a professional plumber – sometimes the fix is as simple as replacing a washer or two, or tightening the pipe back in place!
  • Backed-up drains or clogged toilets. With all of the debris and residue from food and cleaning solutions; hair care, skincare and oral care products; and human skin and hair waste it should be no surprise when your sink drains get clogged on occasion. And we all know the horror of a clogged toilet. When this happens, sometimes all you need to do is give the sink or toilet a good plunge. For some sink clogs, you can unscrew the piping under the sink from its fixture to remove the blockage. For more extensive blockages, contact a professional plumbing service to clear your pipes.
  • Reduced water pressure. Over time, with normal wear-and-tear, our water faucets and fixtures may lose pressure when disbursing water. This low water pressure is typically caused by a build up of calcium deposits on the aerator of the faucet, and can easily be cleaned away. If reduced water pressure continues to be a problem, you may need to bring in a professional plumbing service to bring your water pressure up to normal force.
  • The toilet water tank is running. After flushing, the water tank behind the toilet should ‘run’ (making a sort of gurgling humming sound) for a short period to refill the toilet bowl with clean water. However, sometimes the tank may continue to run beyond a minute or two – this is an indication of a plumbing problem. Often times, this can be fixed by replacing the toilet’s fill valve, flapper, or flush valve. You may need to involve a professional plumber to help solve this plumbing problem.
  • Water heater problems. Your water heater or boiler can break down and take away your access to hot water for showers, cleaning, dishes, and more. A faulty water heater or broken boiler could be the result of a loose connection or blockage in the water flow. Contact your local plumber for help fixing this problem.

Pioneer Plumbing is your full-service professional plumbing company for any and all of the above plumbing problems. Contact us to schedule your service call! You can expect quick, quality service at an excellent price. We look forward to helping to get your pipes back in working order!

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