Know these Steps before Calling a 24 Hour Plumber

A plumbing emergency never strikes at a convenient time. But does your particular plumbing issue warrant calling an overpriced, possibly under qualified 24-hour plumber?

No matter what, your first step is to turn off your water to prevent further damage. If it’s coming out of a fixture, like your toilet or the faucet, you should turn off the water supply to that fixture. If you can’t tell the source of your water and you can’t turn find out where to turn it off, you can turn off water to the whole house at your water meter.

If you can make due until morning or the weekday (or especially after a holiday), you can significantly reduce the cost of your repair and ensure you get a highly regarded service, like Pioneer Plumbing and Heating, to address your plumbing emergency.

Before you make the call, investigate each plumbing company. They will vary in rates and effectiveness, so the more detail you give the more accurately they can quote you the cost of the repair. They may have a reputation for good responsiveness, but often have a spotty work record. They’ll also likely have a fee for the service call itself, which won’t be included on the initial repair estimate.

We’re reliable, local, full service residential and commercial Seattle plumbing contractors. Our experts have extensive experience dealing with any and all plumbing related issues. Fully licensed and insured, we strive to be your first phone call in the face of plumbing catastrophe.

But when the water isn’t rising to your ears, you can rely on us to make maintenance repairs to your plumbing and sewer systems, new construction projects, and even remodels!

When you’ve made your decision, contact us today for a quote on your residential or commercial plumbing and sewer job.

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