How to Hold Off a Water Leak Through the Weekend

Many of us have experienced untimely water leaks before… It’s Friday evening, after you’ve returned from work, and you head to the laundry room to get some clothes cleaned before a weekend out. Unfortunately, you find water all over the floor, and after attempting to clean it up, water continues to appear.

It’s after-hours, so most plumbers won’t be available to come out to your home tonight to fix it – what do you do? Time to take measures into your own hands. First, follow these steps to stop and assess a water leak.

Next, use the following methods to hold off a water leak for the weekend, beyond just stuffing a bucket or towels around it…

  • Wrap it up. You can find small, thin pieces of rubber at the hardware store, which work great for temporarily stopping a small leak. Wrap the pipe with the rubber, and tightly seal it to the pipe with electrical tape. Add further leak control by pressurizing the rubber seal with a C-clamp.
  • Make a garden hose patch. Save pieces of broken or leaky garden hose for future potential pipe leaks (of course, not the leaky parts). When a leak develops, cut a piece of the garden hose that is long enough to cover the leak, plus 2-3 inches on each end. Cut the hose lengthwise, place it over the leak, and clamp it in place with hose clamps.
  • Get some plumber’s epoxy. Purchased from the hardware store, plumber’s epoxy has the consistency of putty, and can be easily molded over a small hole or crack in a pipe to stave off the leaking water. Use just enough to cover the leak.
  • Plug the hole with a pencil. If the hole is small enough, you can also temporarily plug it with the graphite tip of a pencil. Put the pencil point-first into the hole, and break the tip off into the leaking spot. Finally, seal it with electrician’s tape and top it off with a bit of plumber’s epoxy to ensure no water leaks through.

If you develop a leak, contact a plumber immediately to be assured of the timeliest service. Even if you have to hold off a water leak through the weekend, it helps to get ahead of any weekend bookings to ensure you get the earliest available care. Contact Pioneer Plumbing & Heating to schedule or learn more about our plumbing services!

Featured photo source Wikipedia Commons.

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