First Steps to Take When you have a Water Leak

Water damage is a serious issue, and can cause extensive costs and hassle to repair. A water leak will usually either occur in your roofing, plumbing, or from water in the ground. Nearly all water leak issues can be contained until a professional can deal with it.

When you first notice a water leak, you should follow these steps to stop or reduce the leak as quickly as possible, until you can get a professional plumber out to take a look:

  1. Assess the leak. Sometimes, you may not be able to determine where the leak is coming from, however, many leaks are obvious. If a pipe breaks, and/or water is gushing or leaking any faster than a drip, you should immediately turn off your water at the meter. To do so, open or remove the meter box lid, and turn the shutoff valve 45-degrees (from the three o’clock position to the 3:15 position). The two holes in the valve flanges should line up.
  2. Do not use your utilities. In any areas near a leak, and if the carpet or flooring is wet, do not use any electrical utilities. To do so could cause an electrocution hazard.
  3. Handle the mess. Clean up any water or liquid mess from the leak with a mop and/or towels, then determine if the leak can be contained with a bucket or another container, until a plumber can come out. You can use a wet vacuum to suck up the water, and try to dry out the space as much as possible with fans to circulate the air.
  4. Take care of your belongings. Move any furniture, rugs, or belongings to a dry place away from the leak, to avoid water damage. If your carpeting is wet, do not attempt to lift it up. Carpets can shrink after getting wet and then drying out, which can shrink your wall-to-wall tacked carpet and cause further problems to your flooring.
  5. Avoid more damage to your health and property. Water leaks can cause more than just water damage – wet furniture and flooring can lead to health risks such as the growth of mold and mildew. After you have controlled the leak, wipe down and dry out any affected possessions or parts of your home to prevent the growth of moisture-caused allergens.

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