Renovating a Bathroom? 3 Questions to Ask Your Plumber

Are you a homeowner planning to remodel or renovate your bathroom this fall? Improving a master bathroom is one of the best ways to increase your home's value and a great way to upgrade your home to more water-efficient standards, but upgrading the most fluid and technical room in your home isn't just a matter of grabbing a pry bar and buying a new toilet. Plumbing upgrades aside, there are a few things you'll want to run by your plumber before beginning work on a bathroom remodel.

1. Will the Work Require a Construction Permit?

The City of Seattle has an excellent resource that can help you determine whether or not your project requires a construction permit. Depending on the degree of work required to complete the renovation, you may need to hire an architect and licensed contractor in order to proceed. Even if you plan to do the work yourself, it'd be worth a call to a plumber to check just to be sure.

2. Do My Pipes Need to Be Replaced?

Chances are that if you're an owner of an older home, your pipes need to be updated. Rust, corrosion, and shifting earth can disrupt both your pipes themselves and the connective joints, so while you're digging up your bathroom to this extent, you might as well consider moving to a brand-new PEX pipe system. After all, there's no sense in doing the same job twice should your pipes fail shortly after your remodel is complete.

3. What Quality of Fixtures Can I Afford?

Upgrading your bathroom is a great opportunity to make a move to a high-efficiency toilet, showerhead, and sink faucet. While it's understandable to approach your bathroom remodel with a moderate budget, the majority of your funds should go toward the permanent fixtures in your bathroom. Even if it doesn't factor into your budget right now, the long-term effect on your water bill will pay you back in spades.

Ready to discuss a bathroom remodel or addition to your home or building? The professional plumbers at Pioneer Plumbing and Heating have performed lasting renovations and additions to plumbing facilities in hundreds of bathrooms around the Seattle area. Contact our team today to discuss your project or to schedule an appointment with a licensed plumbing professional.

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