Selling Your Home? Don’t Sink Your Sale with Bad Plumbing!

While house inspectors are a great resource for home buyers, nothing will dampen a potential buyer's enthusiasm for a home than a significant plumbing issue.

Old pipes, worn fixtures, and water damage can all sink a deal, but don't neglect the small stuff, either. In preparation for showing your home to potential buyers, follow these steps and ensure your plumbing is up-to-snuff:

Check for Sure-Signs

Approach your home like a would-be buyer. Check beneath sinks, toilets, in your basement and in utility rooms for signs of water damage. Any mold or structural damage should be addressed immediately - passing those problems off to a buyer won't bode well for your future endeavors. Drips through ceiling panels or walls should be fixed and painted over to mask signs of trouble.

Get Closer

Stains on porcelain, flimsy knobs, or low water pressure are all detrimental aspects to a buyer. Leave nothing to their imagination and send them off with nothing but positive feelings by taking the time to correct even the smallest plumbing issues. Have your fixtures professionally cleaned, replace the old grout in your shower or tub, and tighten up any leaks, drips, or loose knobs to eliminate any room for doubt.

Replace Your Pipes

While this is certainly an expensive undertaking, an investment in new PEX pipes to replace corroded or aging plumbing can be a big benefit to a potential buyer. Taking the initiative yourself will be a huge plus to the next homeowner, meaning it's a project they won't have to worry about completing over the next several years. Remember: no buyer wants to inherit problems, so an investment in new pipes, faucets, and toilets could be the tipping point in their decision-making process.

Ready to give your home a plumbing once-over before putting it on the market? Contact Pioneer Plumbing and Heating for professional, local expertise that can help you increase the value of your home through plumbing upgrades and restoration. Give us a call today!

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