Seattle Directional Boring Services from Pioneer Plumbing

One of the plumbing services we provide our residential and commercial customers is directional boring (also known as directional drilling). Our Seattle directional boring services allow us to replace water lines and complete repair and replacement work that would be very difficult to accomplish through normal plumbing methods.

Directional boring involved drilling beneath the ground to install utilities and/or sewers without damaging or disturbing existing landscaping, pavement, sidewalks, and other above-ground systems.

For successful Seattle directional boring, the drilling happens at a specific angle in order to avoid those obstructions. The technical team will drill a very small hole to connect the utility to the structure or destination, and beyond that, everything happens below the ground.

This is an ideal technique in cases where replacement or repair is difficult or involves obstructed systems. For example, if you need to repair or install a water line that happens to run under your neighbor’s property, and they (understandably) do not want their landscaping trenched for the project, directional boring is a good method to use. Directional drilling is also ideal for jobs where the line runs under a driveway or patio, or where the water main is at a notable distance from the home or water meter.

Directional drilling is a very beneficial plumbing service – and not just for cutting back on installation costs by eliminating damage to above-ground architecture. The service can cut back on the significant noise and time spent for excavation or trenching.

In addition, directional boring has a much lower impact on the areas around the site – this is an important benefit for cases when scenery and historic landmarks may be affected by the installation. Closing roads and redirecting traffic is also unnecessary when directional boring is the method of installation.

Contact us to schedule your directional boring project. We look forward to helping you repair or install your plumbing system with as little impact on nearby and above-ground landscaping, structures, and more.

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